Complete arrangement and production of printed materials (magazines, leaflets...)

Although nowadays modern technology completely overshadows paper-based materials, many people still do prefer paper to browsing web sites or social media. That is why we offer our clients the complete preparation and production of printed materials such as smaller flyers as well as magazines of various formats.

Our team will professionally work through every detail, and through careful selection of format, we provide each client with a wide range of promotional features. Printed materials can be used to promote certain products or services of our clients to business partners or new customers, as well as to employees (a kind of printed newsletter). We are particularly proud to have the ability to provide those services, since only small number of agencies offers such a wide range of services.

Here we combined our PR function with knowledges about the media industry and launching of new print media. Understanding of journalism and writing articles that our team possesses is being adequately complemented with creating and designing fractures, all together delivering professionally made printed material for our clients.