Public Relations - PR

Public Relations as a service has become extremely important in the last ten years for any organization or company that considers itself and its business modern, rational and responsible. Planned and proactively implemented public relations are the basis of the reputation of an individual or a company, and thus an inevitable element of successful business.

We offer development of a communication strategy, we make and implement PR plans, organize and conduct information and educational campaigns, and build the image of a brand or a business.


In addition to aforementioned, we provide:

  • Media Relations: communication oriented towards media representatives;
  • Product Publicity: communication oriented towards customers and potential product and service users;
  • Human Relations: communication oriented towards current, former and potential business associates;
  • Corporate Identity: creating a company's communication identity and supporting public actions (e.g. marking and media monitoring of sponsorships and examples of social responsibility of a corporation);
  • Issues Management: enhances targeted communication on a specific topic;
  • Eco Relations: communication oriented towards critical discourses about norms and values of protection of the environment.